Real Estate Values and Property Tax Valuation in California

California has 10.0M properties with a cumulative value of $3.7T, making up 9.93% of all real estate value in the United States. Property taxes in California totaled $58.3B, with the average homeowner paying $5,946 in property taxes compared to the national average of $3,553. The average property tax rate in California is 1.58%, higher than the national average of 0.93%. Property values for tax purposes are determined by the local assessor's office, which uses a variety of methods to determine the fair market value of a property.

The property tax timeline in California begins on January 1st, when the property valuation date is set. Property value notices are then issued between June and August. Property tax appeals must be submitted by September 15th or November 30th, depending on the county. Finally, property tax bills are issued on October 1st.

Important Dates
Property Valuation Date:January 1st
Property Value Notices Issued:June - August
Property Tax Appeal Deadline:September 15 or November 30 (varies by county)
Property Tax Bills Issued:October 1st
Real Property Tax Bill Due (1st of #):December 10th, 1st half installment
Real Property Tax Bill Due (2nd of #):April 10th, 2nd half
Available Exemptions
SeniorNot Available
VeteranNot Available

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Real Estate Statistics in California

Total Real Estate Value
Total Real Property Taxes
Average Property Tax Rate
# of Real Properties

Residential Property Tax by County in California

California property taxes are among the highest in the nation, with an average rate of 1.58% and an average property tax bill of $5,946. This is significantly higher than the national average of 0.93% and $3,553. Property taxes in California vary widely from county to county, with Riverside County having the highest effective property tax rate of 1.83%, and Santa Barbara County having the lowest rate of 1.2%. This means that homeowners in Riverside County pay an average of $6,845 in property taxes, while homeowners in Santa Barbara County pay an average of $4,917. This wide range of property tax rates across California counties can have a significant impact on the cost of homeownership.

Tax Assessment Value

The following table shows the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentile of property assessment value in each county in California. The tax assessment value may differ from the potential sale value, and is used to calculate the property tax for each piece of real estate.

County10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
Alameda County$70,339$206,887$429,403$720,263$1,019,840
El Dorado County$0$163,984$320,000$511,017$705,051
Fresno County$36,700$95,666$178,698$284,237$396,300
Kern County$52,930$101,668$174,546$262,794$354,000
Los Angeles County$0$74,646$288,511$536,098$861,964
Madera County$22,332$99,429$179,582$269,801$368,788
Marin County$101,912$272,000$625,691$1,079,594$1,788,538
Merced County$31,547$97,777$171,550$269,337$351,566
Monterey County$0$90,436$281,884$541,047$905,453
Napa County$49,337$176,234$391,360$642,487$943,467
Nevada County$13,055$179,854$329,036$504,278$741,080
Orange County$0$172,499$410,360$689,964$1,014,355
Placer County$69,744$238,492$396,180$545,862$749,000
Riverside County$0$13,927$206,112$368,321$510,360
Sacramento County$53,251$144,580$260,519$390,582$525,000
San Bernardino County$20,434$111,521$218,968$356,556$505,180
San Diego County$56,510$190,846$373,832$592,096$874,914
San Francisco County$33,992$211,194$570,738$1,033,000$1,668,539
San Luis Obispo County$0$77,769$326,288$564,260$819,355
San Mateo County$91,730$263,380$616,346$1,100,644$1,844,096
Santa Barbara County$55,352$174,106$348,464$634,036$1,168,699
Santa Clara County$70,158$249,784$567,956$942,568$1,502,580
Santa Cruz County$46,888$176,752$412,856$711,031$1,017,522
Solano County$29,125$160,984$297,582$439,601$565,000
Sonoma County$24,800$168,249$356,899$573,072$807,996
Stanislaus County$38,040$119,514$206,717$313,002$407,609
Tulare County$18,937$81,254$147,963$231,175$315,663
Ventura County$42,300$202,330$385,240$595,662$839,000
Yolo County$38,431$147,468$298,237$459,716$635,000

Property Tax Bill

This table shows the percentiles of actual property tax paid on residential properties for each county in California.

County10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
Alameda County$2,413$4,065$6,761$10,255$14,403
El Dorado County$1,535$2,498$4,016$6,225$8,888
Fresno County$792$1,414$2,450$3,782$5,198
Kern County$999$1,653$2,612$3,829$5,106
Los Angeles County$1,708$3,081$5,057$7,887$12,129
Madera County$754$1,347$2,209$3,271$4,490
Marin County$3,674$5,864$10,019$15,657$24,213
Merced County$819$1,361$2,204$3,398$4,670
Monterey County$1,291$2,414$4,269$7,046$11,334
Napa County$1,988$3,432$5,639$8,370$11,876
Nevada County$1,491$2,714$4,265$6,304$8,984
Orange County$514$2,676$5,034$8,154$12,367
Placer County$2,087$3,372$5,182$7,513$9,806
Riverside County$818$2,107$3,787$6,014$8,430
Sacramento County$1,195$2,109$3,463$5,180$7,089
San Bernardino County$941$1,830$3,065$4,791$6,962
San Diego County$1,416$2,837$4,937$7,649$11,405
San Francisco County$1,868$4,190$8,307$13,810$21,471
San Luis Obispo County$1,483$2,915$4,911$7,275$9,901
San Mateo County$2,392$4,453$8,186$13,418$21,629
Santa Barbara County$922$2,260$4,261$7,462$12,998
Santa Clara County$2,416$4,707$8,412$12,953$19,687
Santa Cruz County$1,472$3,146$5,677$8,951$12,413
Solano County$1,679$2,642$4,187$5,937$7,949
Sonoma County$1,533$2,975$4,923$7,308$10,210
Stanislaus County$1,032$1,667$2,680$3,952$5,418
Tulare County$531$1,050$1,776$2,734$3,712
Ventura County$1,209$2,890$4,850$7,231$10,114
Yolo County$1,363$2,437$4,346$6,855$9,375

Effective Property Tax Rate

The effective property tax rate is calculated by dividing the property tax bill by the assessed value. For the percentiles below, the calculation is performed using the percentiles for property tax bill and assessed value above. Therefore, each consecutive percentile doesn't necessarily show a larger value.

County10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
Alameda County 3.43% 1.96% 1.57% 1.42% 1.41%
El Dorado County- 1.52% 1.26% 1.22% 1.26%
Fresno County 2.16% 1.48% 1.37% 1.33% 1.31%
Kern County 1.89% 1.63% 1.50% 1.46% 1.44%
Los Angeles County- 4.13% 1.75% 1.47% 1.41%
Madera County 3.38% 1.35% 1.23% 1.21% 1.22%
Marin County 3.61% 2.16% 1.60% 1.45% 1.35%
Merced County 2.60% 1.39% 1.28% 1.26% 1.33%
Monterey County- 2.67% 1.51% 1.30% 1.25%
Napa County 4.03% 1.95% 1.44% 1.30% 1.26%
Nevada County 11.42% 1.51% 1.30% 1.25% 1.21%
Orange County- 1.55% 1.23% 1.18% 1.22%
Placer County 2.99% 1.41% 1.31% 1.38% 1.31%
Riverside County- 15.13% 1.84% 1.63% 1.65%
Sacramento County 2.24% 1.46% 1.33% 1.33% 1.35%
San Bernardino County 4.61% 1.64% 1.40% 1.34% 1.38%
San Diego County 2.51% 1.49% 1.32% 1.29% 1.30%
San Francisco County 5.50% 1.98% 1.46% 1.34% 1.29%
San Luis Obispo County- 3.75% 1.51% 1.29% 1.21%
San Mateo County 2.61% 1.69% 1.33% 1.22% 1.17%
Santa Barbara County 1.67% 1.30% 1.22% 1.18% 1.11%
Santa Clara County 3.44% 1.88% 1.48% 1.37% 1.31%
Santa Cruz County 3.14% 1.78% 1.38% 1.26% 1.22%
Solano County 5.76% 1.64% 1.41% 1.35% 1.41%
Sonoma County 6.18% 1.77% 1.38% 1.28% 1.26%
Stanislaus County 2.71% 1.39% 1.30% 1.26% 1.33%
Tulare County 2.80% 1.29% 1.20% 1.18% 1.18%
Ventura County 2.86% 1.43% 1.26% 1.21% 1.21%
Yolo County 3.55% 1.65% 1.46% 1.49% 1.48%

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Real Estate Values in California

The median home price in California has increased by 4.85% from August 2022 to August 2023, from $756.3K to $792.9K. This indicates that the housing market in California is becoming more expensive. At the same time, the number of active listings in California has decreased from 108.9K in August 2022 to 79.6K in August 2023, indicating that there is a decrease in the supply of homes in the market. This could be driving up the prices of homes in California.

Median Sale Value
Total Active Listings
Annual percent change in median sale price

Median Home Sale Price California

Last updated: November 2023

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Mortgage Rates in California

Mortgage rates in California are expected to remain relatively low in 2023, with an average rate of 4.96%. This is good news for homeowners in the state, as the average outstanding residential loan amount is estimated to be $325,406. This means that homeowners in California will be able to take advantage of the low rates and save money on their mortgages. Additionally, there are an estimated 5.7 million outstanding residential loans in California, indicating that the state is a popular place to purchase a home.

# of Outstanding Loans
Total Outstanding Loan Amount
Properties with Loans

Outstanding Mortgages

The table below shows the percentile distribution of outstanding loans on residential properties in California by county.

County10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
Alameda County$67,262$152,647$299,904$527,768$785,837
El Dorado County$54,400$129,852$246,790$381,263$527,751
Fresno County$31,415$74,834$151,006$239,785$328,117
Kern County$32,330$70,320$140,846$220,642$298,987
Los Angeles County$48,011$111,484$244,763$435,362$677,547
Madera County$53,593$93,340$160,810$247,909$342,829
Marin County$86,714$203,847$411,106$714,546$1,170,156
Merced County$49,615$82,669$148,945$243,147$322,053
Monterey County$53,523$121,767$234,306$409,094$609,357
Napa County$60,111$142,583$274,387$460,172$663,511
Nevada County$67,713$131,881$234,318$360,616$491,440
Orange County$57,067$134,537$290,611$491,599$723,462
Placer County$67,418$142,820$260,291$393,574$526,983
Riverside County$50,563$109,692$209,604$332,199$452,637
Sacramento County$50,700$103,942$191,466$309,238$420,354
San Bernardino County$39,282$86,983$179,257$298,618$410,638
San Diego County$58,937$138,825$279,158$456,438$649,556
San Francisco County$73,873$197,459$403,646$740,195$1,187,245
San Luis Obispo County$53,401$129,036$258,594$409,815$567,062
San Mateo County$78,128$189,248$374,137$711,118$1,191,739
Santa Barbara County$54,593$126,158$255,487$437,799$684,277
Santa Clara County$84,708$191,604$368,614$657,467$1,064,717
Santa Cruz County$60,096$144,679$291,376$487,405$709,828
Solano County$57,115$121,624$230,824$362,885$474,987
Sonoma County$58,439$133,295$254,814$426,220$600,113
Stanislaus County$40,492$84,580$155,077$255,269$349,389
Tulare County$26,336$59,326$126,025$207,186$285,216
Ventura County$59,962$133,765$273,403$446,367$615,884
Yolo County$51,442$111,671$210,565$342,203$465,477

Mortgage Rates

The following table shows the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentile of mortgage rates in counties across California.

County10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
Alameda County 3.00% 3.65% 4.50% 6.29% 7.43%
El Dorado County 2.95% 3.59% 4.25% 5.99% 7.24%
Fresno County 3.10% 3.75% 4.50% 6.24% 7.43%
Kern County 3.00% 3.70% 4.48% 6.05% 7.15%
Los Angeles County 3.10% 3.80% 4.82% 6.75% 7.67%
Madera County 2.98% 3.60% 4.25% 5.50% 6.66%
Marin County 2.90% 3.60% 4.46% 6.25% 7.34%
Merced County 3.00% 3.65% 4.40% 5.65% 6.84%
Monterey County 3.10% 3.75% 4.54% 6.30% 7.59%
Napa County 3.00% 3.70% 4.50% 6.37% 7.40%
Nevada County 2.90% 3.55% 4.19% 5.85% 7.06%
Orange County 3.05% 3.71% 4.62% 6.66% 7.62%
Placer County 2.93% 3.58% 4.25% 5.85% 7.10%
Riverside County 2.96% 3.61% 4.37% 5.87% 7.10%
Sacramento County 3.00% 3.69% 4.40% 6.04% 7.18%
San Bernardino County 3.00% 3.73% 4.50% 6.21% 7.34%
San Diego County 2.99% 3.62% 4.40% 6.25% 7.37%
San Francisco County 2.90% 3.62% 4.70% 6.36% 7.41%
San Luis Obispo County 3.00% 3.65% 4.42% 6.36% 7.49%
San Mateo County 2.95% 3.64% 4.71% 6.37% 7.47%
Santa Barbara County 3.01% 3.69% 4.50% 6.39% 7.51%
Santa Clara County 2.90% 3.55% 4.50% 6.22% 7.37%
Santa Cruz County 3.10% 3.75% 4.69% 6.62% 7.62%
Solano County 3.00% 3.64% 4.40% 6.04% 7.21%
Sonoma County 3.00% 3.65% 4.50% 6.37% 7.45%
Stanislaus County 3.10% 3.75% 4.50% 6.07% 7.21%
Tulare County 3.10% 3.75% 4.60% 6.27% 7.41%
Ventura County 3.00% 3.70% 4.50% 6.45% 7.50%
Yolo County 3.05% 3.70% 4.50% 6.28% 7.29%

Housing Expenses in California

Housing expenses are a major part of the average household budget in the state. In fact, housing expenses account for nearly one-third of total expenses for the average household. As inflation continues, housing expenses continue to rise, eating up an ever-increasing portion of the household budget. Property taxes are the second largest component of housing expenses for the average property owner in the state, making up a significant portion of the total housing expenses. As housing expenses continue to rise, it is important for households to budget carefully and plan for the future to ensure they can afford their housing expenses.

Monthly Consumer Expenses for West region

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The average property tax rate in California is 1.58%.
The following exemptions and discounts are available in California: Charitable, Disabled, Homestead and Solar/Wind