Real Estate Values and Property Tax Valuation in Kern County, California

Kern County has a total of 240,200 properties with a cumulative value of $46.5B, making up 1.26% of all real estate value in California. Property taxes in Kern County totaled $690.8M, with an average homeowner paying $2,936 in property taxes compared to the state average of $5,946. The average property tax rate in Kern County is 1.48%, lower than the state average of 1.58%. Properties are typically valued for tax purposes based on their market value.

The property tax timeline in California begins on January 1st, when the property valuation date is set. Property value notices are then issued between June and August. Property tax appeals must be submitted by September 15th or November 30th, depending on the county. Finally, property tax bills are issued on October 1st.

Important Dates
Property Valuation Date:January 1st
Property Value Notices Issued:June - August
Property Tax Appeal Deadline:September 15 or November 30 (varies by county)
Property Tax Bills Issued:October 1st
Real Property Tax Bill Due (1st of #):December 10th, 1st half installment
Real Property Tax Bill Due (2nd of #):April 10th, 2nd half
Available Exemptions
SeniorNot Available
VeteranNot Available

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Real Estate Statistics in Kern County

Total Real Estate Value
Total Real Property Taxes
Average Property Tax Rate
# of Real Properties

Residential Property Taxes by Cities in Kern County

Kern County has an average property tax rate of 1.48%, which is slightly lower than the national average of 1.53%. This rate is applied to the assessed value of a property, and the resulting amount is the property tax bill. On average, property owners in Kern County pay $2,936 in property taxes each year.

Property tax rates vary across the cities in Kern County. Maricopa has the highest effective property tax rate at 1.98%, while Caliente has the lowest effective property tax rate at 1.13%. Property owners in Maricopa pay an average of $3,912 in property taxes each year, while those in Caliente pay an average of $2,624. Property taxes are an important source of revenue for local governments, and the differences in rates across cities can have a significant impact on the services and infrastructure available to residents.

Tax Assessment Value

The following table shows the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentile of property assessment value in each city in Kern County. The tax assessment value may differ from the potential sale value, and is used to calculate the property tax for each piece of real estate.

City10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
California City$43,320$71,937$118,730$166,523$208,132
Frazier Park$53,608$96,087$156,249$238,587$323,515
Lake Isabella$30,221$51,586$94,833$154,584$225,431
Lost Hills$7,623$33,982$87,172$120,000$166,038
Mc Farland$57,044$88,003$131,332$197,019$233,162
Pine Mountain Club$110,299$154,064$216,718$294,112$367,912
Wofford Heights$35,512$61,402$100,293$153,820$234,904

Property Tax Bill

This table shows the percentiles of actual property tax paid on residential properties for each city in Kern County.

City10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
California City$726$1,063$1,623$2,207$2,718
Frazier Park$697$1,161$1,818$2,778$3,719
Lake Isabella$459$788$1,278$1,900$2,704
Lost Hills$100$633$1,310$1,667$2,190
Mc Farland$764$1,113$1,665$2,610$3,023
Pine Mountain Club$1,385$1,860$2,561$3,391$4,245
Wofford Heights$494$795$1,250$1,868$2,813

Effective Property Tax Rate

The effective property tax rate is calculated by dividing the property tax bill by the assessed value. For the percentiles below, the calculation is performed using the percentiles for property tax bill and assessed value above. Therefore, each consecutive percentile doesn't necessarily show a larger value.

City10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
Arvin 2.92% 2.23% 1.97% 1.71% 1.60%
Bakersfield 2.04% 1.69% 1.53% 1.47% 1.44%
Bodfish 1.46% 1.32% 1.23% 1.22% 1.22%
Boron 1.67% 1.52% 1.40% 1.33% 1.29%
Buttonwillow 2.42% 2.02% 1.64% 1.53% 1.52%
Caliente 1.18% 1.14% 1.15% 1.13% 1.12%
California City 1.68% 1.48% 1.37% 1.33% 1.31%
Delano 1.27% 1.21% 1.22% 1.20% 1.23%
Edwards 1.51% 1.40% 1.23% 1.25% 1.23%
Frazier Park 1.30% 1.21% 1.16% 1.16% 1.15%
Inyokern 1.71% 1.42% 1.21% 1.16% 1.12%
Kernville 1.21% 1.24% 1.19% 1.17% 1.16%
Lake Isabella 1.52% 1.53% 1.35% 1.23% 1.20%
Lamont 2.87% 2.04% 1.69% 1.59% 1.54%
Lebec 1.32% 1.22% 1.18% 1.16% 1.16%
Lost Hills 1.31% 1.86% 1.50% 1.39% 1.32%
Maricopa 4.12% 3.51% 2.53% 1.84% 1.66%
Mc Farland 1.34% 1.26% 1.27% 1.32% 1.30%
Mojave 1.56% 1.38% 1.30% 1.26% 1.25%
Onyx 1.46% 1.39% 1.33% 1.25% 1.23%
Pine Mountain Club 1.26% 1.21% 1.18% 1.15% 1.15%
Ridgecrest 2.15% 1.59% 1.40% 1.30% 1.27%
Rosamond 1.37% 2.03% 1.85% 1.67% 1.63%
Shafter 1.55% 1.40% 1.36% 1.46% 1.71%
Taft 3.24% 2.68% 2.11% 1.79% 1.66%
Tehachapi 1.30% 1.29% 1.30% 1.30% 1.29%
Wasco 1.31% 1.32% 1.34% 1.36% 1.38%
Weldon 1.43% 1.34% 1.28% 1.25% 1.22%
Wofford Heights 1.39% 1.29% 1.25% 1.21% 1.20%

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Real Estate Values in Kern County

The data from Redfin shows that the median home price in Kern County decreased by 7.85% from October 2022 to October 2023. This indicates that the housing market in Kern County is cooling off, as the median home price is lower than it was the year before. Additionally, the home inventory in Kern County decreased by 23.9%, from 2.3K in October 2022 to 1.7K in October 2023. This suggests that there is less housing available in Kern County, which could be driving up prices. Overall, the data from Redfin indicates that the housing market in Kern County is cooling off, with lower median home prices and less housing inventory.

Median Sale Value
Total Active Listings
Annual percent change in median sale price

Average Home Value in Kern County, California

Last updated: November 2023

Percent Change in Total Home Sales in Kern County

Last updated: November 2023

Percent Change in New Home Listings in Kern County

Last updated: November 2023

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Mortgage Rates in Kern County

Kern County is home to a large number of outstanding home mortgages, totaling $23.9 billion. This represents a significant portion of the total home value in the county, indicating that many residents are taking advantage of the opportunity to purchase a home. The number of outstanding loans in Kern County is 141.8K, indicating that there is a high level of home ownership in the area.

The median mortgage rate in Kern County varies significantly across cities. Lost Hills has the highest median mortgage rate at 6.34%, while Pine Mountain Club has the lowest at 3.97%. This variation in rates across cities indicates that potential homebuyers should shop around to find the best deal. Overall, Kern County is a great place to purchase a home, with a wide variety of mortgage options available.

# of Outstanding Loans
Total Outstanding Loan Amount
Properties with Loans

Outstanding Mortgages

The table below shows the percentile distribution of outstanding loans on residential properties in Kern County by city.

City10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
California City$28,231$59,913$118,954$184,060$255,895
Frazier Park$28,290$63,373$125,477$214,199$299,829
Lake Isabella$14,430$36,965$77,521$132,129$197,149
Lost Hills$8,899$23,690$40,548$76,401$109,844
Mc Farland$21,111$44,339$110,405$154,728$197,928
Pine Mountain Club$41,728$93,649$169,454$254,101$340,693
Wofford Heights$16,074$36,059$77,808$137,691$204,756

Mortgage Rates

The following table shows the 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentile of mortgage rates in cities across Kern County.

City10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
Arvin 3.50% 3.94% 5.03% 6.70% 7.82%
Bakersfield 3.00% 3.70% 4.46% 5.99% 7.11%
Bodfish 3.20% 3.83% 4.88% 6.42% 7.49%
Boron 2.95% 3.69% 4.60% 6.28% 7.69%
Buttonwillow 3.10% 3.95% 5.70% 6.98% 7.77%
Caliente 3.02% 3.76% 5.02% 6.31% 7.51%
California City 2.90% 3.45% 4.17% 5.51% 6.85%
Delano 3.48% 4.12% 5.53% 6.93% 7.86%
Edwards 2.90% 3.60% 4.50% 6.15% 7.69%
Frazier Park 2.90% 3.60% 4.29% 5.99% 7.29%
Inyokern 3.00% 3.64% 4.37% 6.09% 7.19%
Kernville 2.90% 3.53% 4.48% 6.29% 7.36%
Lake Isabella 2.90% 3.63% 4.50% 6.18% 7.20%
Lamont 3.50% 4.38% 5.94% 7.11% 7.99%
Lebec 2.90% 3.64% 4.50% 6.27% 7.56%
Lost Hills 3.90% 5.23% 6.34% 7.18% 8.10%
Maricopa 2.91% 3.65% 4.52% 6.41% 7.59%
Mc Farland 3.50% 3.95% 5.00% 6.63% 7.58%
Mojave 2.90% 3.56% 4.46% 6.16% 7.12%
Onyx 2.89% 3.58% 4.96% 6.96% 7.80%
Pine Mountain Club 2.87% 3.30% 3.97% 5.30% 6.92%
Ridgecrest 2.90% 3.59% 4.32% 5.87% 7.11%
Rosamond 2.90% 3.55% 4.35% 5.89% 7.16%
Shafter 2.90% 3.62% 4.37% 6.03% 7.14%
Taft 3.00% 3.65% 4.50% 6.21% 7.54%
Tehachapi 2.90% 3.50% 4.14% 5.75% 6.94%
Wasco 3.42% 3.90% 4.75% 6.39% 7.62%
Weldon 3.02% 3.81% 4.90% 6.41% 7.52%
Wofford Heights 3.10% 3.74% 4.70% 6.42% 7.47%

Housing Expenses in Kern County, California

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The average property tax rate in Kern County is 1.48%.
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